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Wiiware Platformers!

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits is an up coming Wiiware game that may interest long timers looking for some more good platforming on the Wii (Even though we have Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Brothers Wii to look forward to already!)

"The game is set in Ancient Greece and incorporates mythological creatures and the Greek gods into the world of the game. Players control Nyx, a winged girl, who has befriended Icarus after he flies to her realm in the sky. When Icarus mysteriously disappears, Nyx sets out to find him in the ruined world below. As they progress through the game, players will be given special powers by gods such as Zeus and Eolus which gives them the ability to move objects, manipulate the scenery, control the wind and to cast rays to kill enemies.

Players control Nyx and the powers of the gods by using the Wii Remote. Players use the analogue stick on the Nunchuck to move Nyx and control her flight, while powers are cast by pointing at the screen and onto different objects with an onscreen reticule. The game also features a two-player cooperative mode, with one player directly controlling Nyx and the other controlling the gods' powers." ~ Wikipedia

Sounds pretty interesting! Personally I look forward to this title but I'm even more excited for the sequel to the gorgeous Lost Winds game!

For those unfamiliar with Lost Winds,

"The game revolves around a young boy named Toku tasked with saving his homeland from the vengeful elemental Balasar with guidance from the wind elemental Enril.

The player controls Toku, but simultaneously uses the Wii Remote to draw directional paths on-screen that control the wind. Wind is used to enhance Toku's jumps, defeat or immobilize enemies, and solve puzzles. A second player can also join in with their Wii Remote controlling a second on-screen wind cursor, allowing Toku to fly farther but not higher." - Wikipedia

You can purchase the original game on the wii for 1000 points. Very lovely little title from Frontier worth checking out!

Another title to be excited for is the release of the popular PC freeware game entitled Cave Story. If you haven't already beaten the game on your PC than do pick up the nifty Wiiware version for your Wii! Cave Story is an excellent game that should remind fans of other franchises such as Metroid. It contains multiple endings, a neat story, and it's fairly challenging. The Wiiware version is going to have revamped graphics and music.... so it could be something to interest fans of the PC version,too. Check it out!

OH, also... A BOY AND HIS BLOB! Almost forgot to mention it! Coming out to Wiiware, too.

This is the sequel to the NES title A Boy and His Blob.

For more on the original game visit -> Wikipedia

Anyway, TRAILER.

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