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Nyx Quest

Have not updated this journal because I've been so darn busy enjoying NYX QUEST KINDRED SPIRITS. AMAZING AMAZING GAME. Highly Recommended. It's such a gorgeous game. If you love platformers, if you are interested in developers who actually put motion controls to good use, if you're interested in some good challenge, than this is the game for you.

This game is very clever about how it integrates motion controls into your adventure. Great puzzles and fun powers, allow you to move forward and challenge yourself in new ways as you progress. As the game continues, it can get really tricky, too. You'll have to really juggle controlling Nxy, powers, and your environment. Your mind is really going to feel the sweet simulation as sections of your brain work together to get the job done.

The game is short and can be beaten in about 5 hours. However the levels feel damn long and the relic challenge allows you to go back and collect treasures hidden in levels (Unlocking yet another level!)

So the replay value is nice. The game is so fun you'll actually want to complete the collecting challenge in this one.

Highly highly recommended. Go get it!
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