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Bit.Trip Beat / Bit.Trip Core

Today's post is dedicated to the sweet Bit.Trip games from Gaijin Studios.

The indie developer is working on a neat franchise of retro visual style games for the Wiiware library.

Bit.Trip Core was released this month and just like Bit.Trip Beat, has received some good praise. However where Trip was more of a rythem beat pong-like game, Core is a much more different experience.

For more on the new Core game check out Destructoid website review of the game!

I haven't personally played Bit.Trip Core yet but I do have Bit.Trip Beat on my Wii and it's an incredibly addictive and tough little game. The visuals are awesome even though sometimes occasionally they can handicap you if you have trouble seeing the bits. Overall the experience is still very nice and the game is great fun.

Both the Bit.Trip games are available on the Wiiware library and will only cost you 600 points!

So get it if you don't already have the games! It's worth it!

ALSO WATCH THIS GUY FREAK OUT AS HE PLAYS THE GAME! It's pretty funny. Warning, though. He does swear a lot.

If you do already have the games than do share your thoughts, your scores, or how far you managed to get in them.
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