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Metroid: Other M - The Other Mouth [31 Oct 2011|03:14pm]

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New Conduit 2 trailer. [16 Oct 2010|11:53pm]

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Sadly, it's been pushed back to February. And Kevin Sorbo won't be back. :(

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Metroid: Other M "In Retrospect" - Part One [12 Oct 2010|05:50am]

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Metroid: Other M - In Retrospect (Part 0) [10 Sep 2010|03:47am]

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A transcript will follow shortly...

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Gentlemen: [20 Aug 2010|12:54am]

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Get hype.

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"Wii games don't sell!" "Let's make sequels for them lol!" "Okay!" [19 Apr 2010|01:43am]

[ mood | bored ]

In case some of you haven't heard yet, The Conduit 2 is coming:

( Taken from the latest Nintendo Power. )

As a born again fan of this game, and Kevin Sorbo, I can't wait!

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A MISTAKE HAS OCCURED! [24 Sep 2009|01:13am]

I want to apologize for posting the trailer to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet in this community. Just found out that it's being released for PC and NOT Wii.

I tried looking for more info about it over the internet but only platform listed is PC.

SO if you have a decent PC than I highly suggest getting the game... BECAUSE IT LOOKS AMAZING.

Being a PC gamer as well as a Wii gamer... I'll be getting it regardless.

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FIGHTAN' GAMES [24 Sep 2009|12:37am]

Up coming fighting game goodness. For those interested in this genre two particular upcoming titles come to mind.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom is a real threat for super nerds of all kinds. You have an exiting roster of anime characters featured in shows from Studio Tatsnoko Production going head-to-head with fighting game icons from Capcom! The game is being localized here and with additional content.

I suggest seeing the HD quality version of the game here :


For more info go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatsunoko_vs_Capcom

Another game being released and worked on is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash Up


"It has been in development for about a year, and is being developed by Game Arts, who had previously worked on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and several former members of Team Ninja[4], who previously worked on Ninja Gaiden II."

for more information click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TMNT_smash_up
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Calling [07 Sep 2009|08:07pm]


Calling trailer
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Nyx Quest [20 Aug 2009|10:02pm]


Have not updated this journal because I've been so darn busy enjoying NYX QUEST KINDRED SPIRITS. AMAZING AMAZING GAME. Highly Recommended. It's such a gorgeous game. If you love platformers, if you are interested in developers who actually put motion controls to good use, if you're interested in some good challenge, than this is the game for you.

This game is very clever about how it integrates motion controls into your adventure. Great puzzles and fun powers, allow you to move forward and challenge yourself in new ways as you progress. As the game continues, it can get really tricky, too. You'll have to really juggle controlling Nxy, powers, and your environment. Your mind is really going to feel the sweet simulation as sections of your brain work together to get the job done.

The game is short and can be beaten in about 5 hours. However the levels feel damn long and the relic challenge allows you to go back and collect treasures hidden in levels (Unlocking yet another level!)

So the replay value is nice. The game is so fun you'll actually want to complete the collecting challenge in this one.

Highly highly recommended. Go get it!
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KORE [04 Aug 2009|09:13pm]

German game developers SnapDragon Games are currently working on a title named KORE (or THE KORE GANG)

The game's trailer interested me because it's got that sort of... n64 era platformer feel and 3D platformers of that era were indeed REALLY FUN.

It looks promising.

Take a look for yourselves.

"Kore is a video game for the Wii developed by SnapDragon Games.

The game has a "very Psychonauts feel and look". It was first announced that Unique Development Studios was developing "The Kore Gang" for Xbox in 2003 in cooperation with CDV.

The game was cancelled in 2004. In May 2008 Zoink Games and SnapDragon Games announced that they are developing the title, now known as Kore, for the Wii."
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EPIC MICKEY [03 Aug 2009|11:32pm]

There's a possible Disney game in development for the Wii. It's being worked on by Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios (Dues Ex, System Shock, and Theif: The Dark Project). It's a game called "Epic Mickey". It's a dark, steampunk-style take on Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom.

There's concept art for the game. Judging from the art work this game is going to be pretty freaky. The idea for the gameplay seems really neat, too. HERE'S HOPING IT TURNS OUT AS GOOD AS IT SEEMS!

"- use the Wiimote to paint your way through the landscape
- draw/etch/erase levels as you progress through them
- story based on old and forgotten Disney characters that are out for revenge against Mickey"

~ GoNintendo.com

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Wiiware Platformers! [24 Jul 2009|08:29pm]

NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits is an up coming Wiiware game that may interest long timers looking for some more good platforming on the Wii (Even though we have Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Brothers Wii to look forward to already!)

"The game is set in Ancient Greece and incorporates mythological creatures and the Greek gods into the world of the game. Players control Nyx, a winged girl, who has befriended Icarus after he flies to her realm in the sky. When Icarus mysteriously disappears, Nyx sets out to find him in the ruined world below. As they progress through the game, players will be given special powers by gods such as Zeus and Eolus which gives them the ability to move objects, manipulate the scenery, control the wind and to cast rays to kill enemies.

Players control Nyx and the powers of the gods by using the Wii Remote. Players use the analogue stick on the Nunchuck to move Nyx and control her flight, while powers are cast by pointing at the screen and onto different objects with an onscreen reticule. The game also features a two-player cooperative mode, with one player directly controlling Nyx and the other controlling the gods' powers." ~ Wikipedia

Sounds pretty interesting! Personally I look forward to this title but I'm even more excited for the sequel to the gorgeous Lost Winds game!

For those unfamiliar with Lost Winds,

"The game revolves around a young boy named Toku tasked with saving his homeland from the vengeful elemental Balasar with guidance from the wind elemental Enril.

The player controls Toku, but simultaneously uses the Wii Remote to draw directional paths on-screen that control the wind. Wind is used to enhance Toku's jumps, defeat or immobilize enemies, and solve puzzles. A second player can also join in with their Wii Remote controlling a second on-screen wind cursor, allowing Toku to fly farther but not higher." - Wikipedia

You can purchase the original game on the wii for 1000 points. Very lovely little title from Frontier worth checking out!

Another title to be excited for is the release of the popular PC freeware game entitled Cave Story. If you haven't already beaten the game on your PC than do pick up the nifty Wiiware version for your Wii! Cave Story is an excellent game that should remind fans of other franchises such as Metroid. It contains multiple endings, a neat story, and it's fairly challenging. The Wiiware version is going to have revamped graphics and music.... so it could be something to interest fans of the PC version,too. Check it out!

OH, also... A BOY AND HIS BLOB! Almost forgot to mention it! Coming out to Wiiware, too.

This is the sequel to the NES title A Boy and His Blob.

For more on the original game visit -> Wikipedia

Anyway, TRAILER.

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Horror Games [19 Jul 2009|07:39pm]

The Wii is getting quite a few horror games coming out. Looks like the Wii will be the place to look for if you're getting a horror genre craving.

Besides games coming out like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Dead Space Extraction, and Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil 0...

We are also getting a Ju-on game heading for Wii! The game is based on the popular Japanese horror film. (American version is called The Grudge)

The game won't quite play like your ordinary horror genre game either. According to a description from IGN "Ju-on puts you in a haunted mansion, equipping you with the Wiimote in flashlight mode. Alternating between members of a family, you'll walk around the mansion and experience various forms of fear. At the end of each stage, the game uses your Wiimote motions to determine your fright level.

Outside of the single player mode of play, the game also promises a multiplayer mode of sorts. In this mode, other players are able to control the various gimmicks that appear in the stages."

For Video and More Check Out The Official Website: http://www.juongame.jp/about1.html

Basically the game is created to scare your pants off! Whether that will be enough, time will tell... but it sure looks creepy.
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Bit.Trip Beat / Bit.Trip Core [18 Jul 2009|11:03am]


Today's post is dedicated to the sweet Bit.Trip games from Gaijin Studios.

The indie developer is working on a neat franchise of retro visual style games for the Wiiware library.

Bit.Trip Core was released this month and just like Bit.Trip Beat, has received some good praise. However where Trip was more of a rythem beat pong-like game, Core is a much more different experience.

For more on the new Core game check out Destructoid website review of the game!

I haven't personally played Bit.Trip Core yet but I do have Bit.Trip Beat on my Wii and it's an incredibly addictive and tough little game. The visuals are awesome even though sometimes occasionally they can handicap you if you have trouble seeing the bits. Overall the experience is still very nice and the game is great fun.

Both the Bit.Trip games are available on the Wiiware library and will only cost you 600 points!

So get it if you don't already have the games! It's worth it!

ALSO WATCH THIS GUY FREAK OUT AS HE PLAYS THE GAME! It's pretty funny. Warning, though. He does swear a lot.

If you do already have the games than do share your thoughts, your scores, or how far you managed to get in them.
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FIRST POST [17 Jul 2009|12:05pm]


When it comes to working hard on a game for the Wii, High-Voltage has proven itself mighty. When the Conduit came out.... it was an impressive Wii game... however it was still short of incredible as far as the FPS genre is concerned. Still with their work on the Quantum 3 engine and their game The Conduit being the best fps so far for the console, it's easy to see that we've got a good thing going on here! The Conduit seems only like a prototype or first step for future games to come. It's apparent that they'll be using their engine and trademark, super customizable controls, in their future projects! Their upcoming game The Grinder is looking like it could be High-Voltage taking the NEXT step. Let's hope they can truly deliver!

What's The Grinder? The Grinder is an online co-op first-person shooter where your team fights werewolves, vampires, and other monsters. It's visuals and story are inspired a lot from grindhouse films.

~When it comes to the videos, keep in mind that the games are still very much in development. The final product may be much more refined, visually and gameplay-wise.

E3 trailer


The game will probably remind a lot of folks of Left 4 Dead. Which is a good thing. From what I've read, the vampire creatures have the ability to teleport around you.

Also I love the look of the vampires. I like how they're creepy bat people. I think that makes for a much more scarier vampire than the romanticized images we have of them.

E3 impressions

"In my review for The Conduit last issue, I commented that I'd "love to see if High Voltage can take the next step and forge something truly special". Less than a month later, I may already have my answer. The Grinder, another Wii-exclusive first-person shooter, was one of the most impressive games at the show, and looks to improve on the developer's previous work in every way. The most exciting addition is an online co-op mode for up to four players. You and your compatriots play a group of freelance monster hunters tasked with ridding a small town of zombies, vampires, and other assorted ghoulies. Each of the four selectable characters has unique skills and abilities, which you can upgrade through out the game. A cool grindhouse aesthetic complements the technologically impressive visuals, and a staggering number of enemies can swarm the screen at once. In addition to the single-player and co-op modes, High Voltage promises that The Grinder will offer an ever greater number of competitive options than did The Conduit. The developer claims that the customizations options will be more extensive as well, though we have a hard time imagining how that is possible. Other improvements include a new adaptive AI system that should make enemies behave more intelligently, and environments that boast far more destructible elements. Perhaps our favorite part of the demo, however, was a boss known as the Slasher. This hulking freak is clad in a straight jacket, wields two axes (which he occasionally throws at you), and is nearly impossible to bring down. To make matters worse, if you lose sight of him, he can suddenly appear behind you a' la Jason Voorhees. It makes for an incredibly tense encounter, and gives us confidence that High Voltage indeed has something pretty special on their hands." - Steve T. (From Nintendo Power Magazine)



For more information on the Quantum 3 Engine visit: http://www.high-voltage.com/technology.htm

High Voltage website: http://www.high-voltage.com/

for more on The Conduit: www.conduitgame.com/
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