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Horror Games

The Wii is getting quite a few horror games coming out. Looks like the Wii will be the place to look for if you're getting a horror genre craving.

Besides games coming out like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Dead Space Extraction, and Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil 0...

We are also getting a Ju-on game heading for Wii! The game is based on the popular Japanese horror film. (American version is called The Grudge)

The game won't quite play like your ordinary horror genre game either. According to a description from IGN "Ju-on puts you in a haunted mansion, equipping you with the Wiimote in flashlight mode. Alternating between members of a family, you'll walk around the mansion and experience various forms of fear. At the end of each stage, the game uses your Wiimote motions to determine your fright level.

Outside of the single player mode of play, the game also promises a multiplayer mode of sorts. In this mode, other players are able to control the various gimmicks that appear in the stages."

For Video and More Check Out The Official Website: http://www.juongame.jp/about1.html

Basically the game is created to scare your pants off! Whether that will be enough, time will tell... but it sure looks creepy.
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